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WildWing Community Association (Master HOA)

The WildWing Master HOA administers covenant enforcement and provides for maintenance and reserves of the pool facility. Master HOA dues are currently $300 per lot, per year.

Please go to the link from Advance HOA Management, Homeowner login to see the most current association documents, minutes and financials.  Listed below are the policies, budget, and governing documents for the WildWing Community Association. Scroll down for Patio Homes documents. Please contact us for documents not listed on this page.

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The Design Review Committee meets monthly on the 2nd Tuesday to review plans. Please have all plan submittals to Advance HOA Management by the end of business on the 2nd Monday to be reviewed.

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2020 Meeting dates are :

August 12. 2020

November 11, 2020

December 8, 2020 – Annual Meeting

A Message from the Wildwing Community Association Board:

Dear Homeowners:

We hope that you and your families are safe and healthy at this unprecedented time.

We also know that during this time, more community members are using this opportunity to walk our paths and open areas. It is for this reason that we must again remind you of your responsibility to your fellow homeowners by cleaning up after your pets, and properly disposing of pet waste.

We have had several complaints – both before and during this time – about the amount of pet waste that is seen along our walkways and open spaces. In some cases, we have had reports that while the waste is bagged, the bags are left along the walkways.

Simply put – there are NO areas of our community space where this is acceptable. Not walkways, playground areas or open spaces.

If you are walking your pet, you must ensure that you carry the supplies you need to care for your pet. If your children walk your pets – again – make sure that they are equipped with the proper supplies to clean up after your pets.

The City of Timnath has ordinances that govern both the proper removal of pet waste and maintaining control over pets at all times (full text of such ordinances attached). Our Association must follow these rules. Further, our Association has covenants which also address pet ownership as follows, “……No animal of any kind shall be permitted which in the opinion of the Design Review Committee makes an unreasonable amount of noise· or odor or is a nuisance. All household pets shall be controlled by their owner and shall not be allowed off the Owner’s Lot except when properly leashed or in other immediate control of its owner and accompanied by the pet owner or Owner’s representative. Each Owner of a household pet shall be financially responsible and liable for any damage caused by such household pet.”

It is important – now more than ever – to follow these rules. Thank you for your cooperation and attention to this matter.


Your Board of Directors

Ordinances from the City of Timnath

Sec. 7-9-240. – Removal of animal waste required.
The owner or keeper of any animal shall be responsible for the immediate removal of any feces deposited by such animal on any property, public or private, not owned or exclusively occupied by the owner or keeper. The owner or keeper of any animal shall also be responsible for the periodic removal of feces deposited by such animal on property owned or exclusively occupied by such owner or keeper so as to prevent the creation of a public nuisance within the meaning of Section 7-9-320 of this Article.

Sec. 7-9-320. – Public animal nuisance prohibited.
It is unlawful for any owner or keeper to fail to exercise proper care and control of his or her animal to prevent it from becoming a public nuisance. For the purposes of this Section, a public nuisance includes an animal which is a safety or health hazard, damages or destroys the property of another or creates offensive odors which materially interfere with or disrupt another person in the conduct of lawful activities at such person’s home.


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